29/03/2022 | News
Mikrofinanz: Sozialer Mehrwert zählt

Mit Investments in Mikrokredite wird man nicht reich, der „humane“ Mehrwert steht stattdessen im Mittelpunkt. Es ist aber genau zu beachten, zu welchen Konditionen die Kleinst-Darlehen vergeben we

28/03/2022 | News
BlueOrchard Breakfast Meeting – Geneva

BlueOrchard is pleased to invite you to its upcoming in-person breakfast meeting on Wednesday, 30 March 2022 at 8:15 am. The breakfast meeting will be held at the Brasserie da Matteo, Rue du Stand 50

28/03/2022 | News
BlueOrchard Breakfast Meeting – Zurich

BlueOrchard is pleased to invite you to its upcoming in-person breakfast meeting on Thursday, 31 March 2022 at 8:15 am. The breakfast meeting will be held at the Brasserie Schiller, Sechseläutenpla

25/03/2022 | Videos
BlueOrchard Market Update: Insights from Emerging Markets Q1 2022

Technology has been a large contributor to driving growth in the impact space. Innovations in areas such as clean tech, agri tech, and fintech have enabled for example better access to food, education

24/03/2022 | Blog
BlueOrchard Brief: Why active ESG management is key

Zurich, 24 March 2022 – Russia’s inclusion in many ESG funds has caused a stir in recent days. The main accusation is that fund managers advertising environmental, social, and governance stand

23/03/2022 | Blog
BlueOrchard Brief: Why investing in post-pandemic financial inclusion offers opportunities for investors

Zurich, 23 March 2022 – In this brief by Mahesh Joshi, Head of Private Equity Investment Asia at BlueOrchard, he argues, that the coming years present a unique opportunity for investments in financi

22/03/2022 | News
BlueOrchard Brief: What investors need to know about Southeast Asia’s solar energy boom

Zurich, 22 March 2022 – In this thought piece by Prabaljit Sarkar, Investment Director Infrastructure at BlueOrchard, he looks at how solar energy infrastructure deals work, why the Southeast As

18/03/2022 | News
Investing in Climate Change Insurance at the Frontier

Stockholm (NordSIP) – As the news of the war in Ukraine has taken over news feeds across the world it is easy to be lose the whole forest for these very important trees. However, despite the evolvin

18/03/2022 | Blog
#BOFaces – Meet Nino Vardiashvili

The #BOFaces series introduces you to the people making up BlueOrchard’s dedicated team, which is spread across our offices around the world. This week, we had the pleasure of speaking with Nino Var

15/03/2022 | News Releases
BlueOrchard managed InsuResilience Investment Fund invests in major Ghanaian insurer

Zurich, 15 March 2022 – The InsuResilience Investment Fund (“IIF”) managed by leading impact investment manager BlueOrchard Finance Ltd (“BlueOrchard”) has acquired a stake in Vanguard Assur

11/03/2022 | Blog
The transition with a “human face”

Author: Maria Teresa Zappia My career began with studying the policies of the Bretton Woods institutions, which by the 1980s had assumed a dominant role for the economic policy of most developing coun

09/03/2022 | Blog
BlueOrchard Brief: Emerging Markets better equipped to withstand a Fed tightening cycle than during the 2013 taper tantrum – active management will be key

Market Commentary Zurich, 9 March 2022 – We are currently facing an environment where various Central Banks across the world and notably the Fed will be tightening their monetary policies to curb in

07/03/2022 | News
La transizione del volto umano

Gli investimento possono e devono non solo aiutare ad affrontare il cambiamento climatico ma anche garantire che ci avvenga in modo benefico e vantaggioso per tutti. Serve tenere conto delle esternali