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Established to share our unique impact investment expertise, the Academy has been supplying the industry and academia with cutting-edge research and publications for over a decade.


Our aim is to gain and share as much knowledge about impact investment as possible to help ramp up efforts to reduce inequality around the world and fight climate change.


Through the Academy we are giving the next generation of impact investors everything they need to develop, from know-how to research and job opportunities.

Our commitment to continuous learning and education

Our Academy supports research in a wide range of impact investment related subjects, including impact measurement and management, blended finance, and portfolio management.
Members of the wider BlueOrchard team regularly act as guest lecturers, hold presentations, and share independent research to help others learn from their experience.
Interning is a great opportunity to get professional, hands-on experience. Each intern joins a specific department for six months, making a significant contribution to our work.

Edoardo Toscano

Blended Finance and Impact Analyst - Zurich, Switzerland

“The topic of sustainability is increasingly gaining attention and I wanted to write my master thesis on this topic. The fruitful exchange with my team and colleagues at BlueOrchard offered valuable insights and guidance as well as helpful feedback. I am grateful that I have been given this opportunity to combine my internship with the possibility to write my thesis.”

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Victoria Arnold Monsores

Business Development Analyst - Zurich, Switzerland

“When I started my internship at BlueOrchard, I was amazed by how open-minded all my colleagues are and by the company-wide knowledge-sharing culture. I am very happy that I have been given the opportunity to continue my impact journey as a full-time employee and contribute to BlueOrchard’s impact & growth.”

Elena Esbaile

Blended Finance and Impact Management Team - Berlin, Germany

“Participating in the BlueOrchard Academy has been highly beneficial to me for a number of reasons. First, it increased my exposure and desire to work in impact investing. Second, the partnership helped me to develop a deep understanding of the potential of blended finance and impact management to accelerate the SDGs. Third, this cooperation reinforced my view of BlueOrchard as an innovative company that creates a positive impact while delivering financial returns.”

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