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Invest in change you can measure

Impact investing

Investing in people
and our planet

Impact investments aim to make a tangible positive difference, for example by supporting underserved entrepreneurs or by protecting the environment from the effects of climate change.

Positive financial

At the heart of our impact investment strategy is a focus on making sure that everyone benefits. That means you should see a return on your investment, while also knowing it is adding tangible value to a local community and the environment.

A difference
you can measure

Tracking impact is the only way to know our strategy is working as it should. So, we monitor, measure, and report everything – making transparency a key part of what we offer.

We have been able to provide access to financial and other vital services to

people in emerging economies
Impact Report

How we make a difference

Global inequality. Climate change. These are two of the world’s toughest challenges. They need solutions that are effective, targeted, and linked – because we cannot fix either one without tackling the other. That is why our impact investing addresses both at the same time.

Including the excluded boosts local prosperity, tackling poverty while growing the global economy.

people reached
female end clients
*Figures as of 30 December 2023
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Countries and communities with the least resources are the most vulnerable to climate change, so they need the most help.

0+ m
climate insurance beneficiaries
USD 0+ m
planet focused AUM
of bonds portfolio
*Figures as of 30 December 2023
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Impact management and measurement

Our impact measurement and management goes far beyond just collecting data. Instead, it is central to making sure we are always having the greatest possible positive effect. To do this, our investing can be assessed under three pillars:

Clear social or environmental goals that tally with our long-term impact strategy.


The specific funding and impact additionality that we as an organization are bringing to the table.


Using a holistic framework to capture all the many different outcomes of our work.

BlueOrchard's framework:
Be the impact with B.Impact™

  • Our bespoke framework is always being updated to reflect industry best practice.
  • It is adjustable to all asset classes: private and listed debt, private equity, and infrastructure debt.
  • All funds and asset classes are assessed for impact and ESG management, and for alignment with the SDGs.
  • We also use ad hoc fund impact evaluations, such as end clients surveys.

B.Impact™ Framework


Assesses an investee‘s risks and practices in relation to three categories:
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Assesses the potential impact of each investment along five dimensions:
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Provides an SDG mapping and alignment at investee and fund level:
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aligned with


Do not just take our word for our credentials. We signed up to the Operating Principles for Impact Management as soon as they were launched in 2019. That means our B.Impact™ framework has had its private and public measurements independently verified – with outstanding results.

Our impact track record

LuxFLAG Microfinance label awarded for the first time to BOMF. BlueOrchard has been receiving it for BOMF and other funds in the following years as well.
BlueOrchard becomes signatory to the UN Principles of Responsible Investments.
BlueOrchard launches first Social Performance Impact Reporting and Intelligence Tool (SPIRIT).
BlueOrchard supports the creation of the SPI4 Alinus tool for microfinance institutions.
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Impact stories

“Thanks to eight loan cycles over the past 20 years, I have been able to grow my business and build my own home from scratch.”

Grace Kissiri Animal farmer from Tanzania

“When we arrived as refugees, I had no job and was very worried about the future. Today, I am a fruit producer and have up to 10 people working for me.”

Jemal Bigvava Fruit producer from Georgia

“My dream is to be known for my great designs. I also want to continue supporting my family and I hope that my daughter may take over the business.”

Rashida Begam Tailor from India

“I started with just 9 hectares. Today, I have 50 hectares. Because of the El Niño phenomenon I have lost land as it caused flooding and afterwards the soil dried up.”

Cesar Julio Salirosas Pacheco Fruit and vegetable farmer, Peru

Helping to build
a more sustainable world

We are doing our bit to solve some of the world’s toughest challenges by meeting 14 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
No Poverty

Access to financial services (including microfinance) is considered an enabler to end poverty. We include the number of poor and vulnerable that have been given access to microfinance and related financial product and services in less developed countries.

47'006'612 end clients financed | 60 emerging and frontier countries (private assets portfolio only)
Zero Hunger

Access to financial services to small-scale food producers is considered an enabler to achieve food security and promote sustainable agriculture. We include the number of small-scale farmers that have been given access to financial services in less developed and frontier markets.

12'362'327 small scale farmers supported
Good Health and Well-Being

Access to financial and related products and services tailored to affordable healthcare is instrumental to improve universal health coverage. We contribute to SDG 3 by funding institutions with an earmarked healthcare portfolio addressing the needs of the poor and vulnerable in emerging and frontier markets.

160,090 health related financial products beneficiaries
Quality Education

We invest in institutions that offer education financial services to low income households in less developed and frontier markets. We measure contribution by i) the number of beneficiaries that receive MSME loans for primary, secondary and tertiary education, ii) the number of loans to affordable private education providers in Africa, and iii) the number of Technical Assistance projects funded.

USD 142 million education portfolio financed | 133'439 students, learners & education providers supported
Gender Equality

Financial inclusion provides women with greater economic empowerment. We measure the number of women that receive MSME financial services and the number of investees that offer tailored MSME financial services to women.

30'772'008 female clients with business purpose loans
Clean Water and Sanitation

Providing access to clean water and sanitation services is a basic human right and is key for people’s health in emerging and frontier markets. We contribute to SDG 6 by targeting organisations that improve access to drinking water or install waste water treatment plants.

Affordable and Clean Energy

Access to energy, while taking care of the environment, is crucial for sustainable development. We target organisations that advance solar or wind energy with a focus on emerging markets.

USD 139 million invested in renewable energy industry
Decent Work and Economic Growth

Access to financial services (including microfinance) is considered an enabler to promote growth of MSMEs and job creation. We measure the number of MSMEs that have access to loans and estimate the number of indirect jobs supported by MSMEs.

142'009'528 jobs opportunities created or maintained
Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

We invest in the establishment and improvement of data infrastructure, such as new or improved communication connections, which are important to create an enabling environment for economic and social development.

26,354,829 innovative small scale businesses supported
SDG 10
Reduced Inequalities

A well-balanced society is essential for sustainable development. We operate in frontier and emerging markets with a focus on ODA countries. Our investees focus to support inclusive businesses and entrepreneurship as part of their business models in LDC**, low, and middle income countries.
*Official development assistance; **Least developed countries

60 ODA recipient countries | 8 least developed countries
SDG 11
Sustainable Cities and Communities

Cities are centre of human life and economic development. We target investees that focus on loans for affordable housing projects. We measure the number of affordable housing loans beneficiaries.

1'783'583 affordable housing loans beneficiaries
SDG 12
Responsible Consumption and Production

Meeting the world’s increasing demand for food and consumption goods while respecting the environment during the production process is a challenge yet to be solved. We contribute to SDG 12 by investing in waste management and recycling and basic infrastructure.

SDG 13
Climate Action

We target investees that contribute to the adaptation to climate change by improving access to and the use of insurance in developing countries. The aim is to reduce the vulnerability of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) as well as low-income households to extreme weather events. We measure the poor and vulnerable beneficiaries that have received climate insurance.

46'627'557 climate insurance beneficiaries
SDG 14
Life Below Water

BlueOrchard is deeply committed to contributing to the achievement of the SDGs. With our investments, we address 14 out of the 17 SDGs. Read here how we make a positive contribution to each of these goals.

SDG 15
Life on Land

BlueOrchard is deeply committed to contributing to the achievement of the SDGs. With our investments, we address 14 out of the 17 SDGs. Read here how we make a positive contribution to each of these goals.

SDG 16
Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

BlueOrchard is deeply committed to contributing to the achievement of the SDGs. With our investments, we address 14 out of the 17 SDGs. Read here how we make a positive contribution to each of these goals.

SDG 17
Partnerships for the Goals

Mobilisation of private investments in developing and frontier markets is key to achieve sustainable objectives. Over time, we have specialized in blended finance structures, leveraging the capital invested to the benefit of emerging and frontier markets. We measure the volume of private investments directed to emerging economies.

USD 3.6 billion private capital mobilised

Want to find out more about our impact?

Impact Report