In 2020, Ibu Ainun embarked on her journey to establish a catfish farm and sell her produce at a local traditional market. Recognizing the potential challenges of relying solely on this income, particularly in the event of harvest delays, she wisely diversified her revenue streams by venturing into fish smoking.

Despite her unwavering dedication, Ibu Ainun encountered a hurdle when it came to expanding her business. In need of additional capital to purchase catfish feed and expand her ponds, she made the decision to partner with MBK, an Indonesian microfinance institution and partner of BlueOrchard, which could provide her with the necessary financial support.

With the help of of MBK, Ibu Ainun secured a micro loan that enabled her to acquire catfish feed. The resulting profits fueled her business growth, transforming her modest two ponds into an impressive twelve, thus creating an inspiring success story.