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BlueOrchard – empowering people, protecting our planet

We are committed

We truly believe in profit with purpose. Our goal is to create lasting positive impact for underserved communities and the environment, while providing attractive returns for our investors by connecting them with millions of entrepreneurs.

We are

Our global team includes highly experienced professionals from all different cultures, nationalities, and educational fields, combining their skillsets while working across offices together. What unites them? A shared belief in the real difference impact investing can make.

We are innovators

Our ongoing mission is to keep tackling the world’s most serious challenges. Innovation is at the heart of our approach, as we use our access to leading expertise, new technology, and broad networks to find new solutions to shared problems.

Making an impact worldwide

global team | local expertise
million people supported
countries invested**
USD 0+
billion disbursed since inception
USD 0+
million AuM bonds portfolio
institutions (private assets)
institutions (public assets)
*Figures as of 30 December 2023

countries invested in since inception
7 offices on 4 continents: Peru, Kenya, Georgia, Singapore, Luxembourg, and Switzerland
**Since our inception, we have invested in over 75 countries in Africa, Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, and Asia through our private debt portfolio. Through our bonds portfolio, we have invested in over 55 countries (as of December 2023). The last loan in Russia matured in May 2016. Since then, BlueOrchard has strictly avoided exposure in Russia on account to country risks.

Living our principles

inclusive | diverse
*Figures as of 30 December 2023

Meet the team


  • Diversity is our strength
  • We are purpose-driven
  • Our team is the basis of our success

Get to know us

Board of Directors &
Executive Management

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Our Board of Directors

Peter A. Fanconi
Chairman of the Board
Ernst Brugger
Member of the Board
Peter Harrison
Member of the Board
Omar Qandeel
Member of the Board
Karine Szenberg
Member of the Board
Georg Wunderlin
Member of the Board

Executive Management

Philipp Mueller
Chief Executive Officer
Maria Teresa Zappia
Chief Impact & Blended Finance Officer, Deputy CEO
Felix Hermes
Head of Private Equity & Sustainable Infrastructure
Normunds Mizis
Chief Credit Officer
Michael Wehrle
Head of Investment Solutions
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Extended Management

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Sevara Mukhamet-Alieva
Regional Director - Eurasia
David Beguin
Head of Information Technology
Ernesto Costa
Senior Investment Manager
Martin Diaz Plata
Head of Private Equity Investments
Martin Gahr
Head of Corporate Development
Veronika Giusti-Keller
Head of Impact Management
Yann Groeger
Deputy Chief Credit Officer
Patricia Jelk
Head of Finance
Sébastien Juhen
Head of Private Debt Portfolio Management
Raphaël Lambin
Head of People & Development
Alessandra Nibbio Bonnet
Head of Blended Finance
Ebony Satti
Chief of Staff
Matthew Sparkes
Chief Risk Officer and General Counsel
Tahmina Theis
Head of Communications
Sascha Ternes
Chief Operating Officer
Evariste Verchere
Head of Public Debt Portfolio Management
Ashwin West
Head of Sustainable Infrastructure Investments
Lisa Sherk
Head of Investment Analytics
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An excellent
partner by
our side

We became a member of the Schroders Group in 2019. BlueOrchard and Schroders share the strong belief in the value investments can create for society and our planet. Through our joint contributions, we can create positive change and drive innovation in the impact space.

Partners & Network

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Peter Fanconi

Chairman of the Board

“BlueOrchard is made of fantastic individuals – individuals, who are great personalities with excellent skill sets and vast experience.
When I see how passionate and motivated my colleagues are in implementing our mission – fighting inequality and climate change – I feel very proud. They know they are part of something bigger. That’s what our company is built on.”

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Njeri Ng'ang'a

Senior Investment Officer - Nairobi, Kenya

“I am passionate about impact investing because it plays a crucial role in providing access to much-needed financing for micro-entrepreneurs and SMEs. As an investment officer, I am always in touch with our clients and end-beneficiaries across Africa. Learning about their stories and working together towards a common goals is what I enjoy most about my job.”

Get to know the BlueOrchard team News & Insights

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