31/05/2021 | Videos
BlueOrchard Pioneer Talks – Episode 5: Building a career in impact investing

BlueOrchard Pioneer Talks with Ana Maria Montero is a series of 12 conversations with industry experts, end clients, investors, and investees that will take you on the journey of impact investing. The

28/05/2021 | Blog
This is My Story – Viter Peña

2021 is a very special year for BlueOrchard as we celebrate our 20th anniversary. Throughout 2021 we will be sharing with you some of the encouraging entrepreneurial stories, personal dreams, and insi

27/05/2021 | Media Coverage
BlueOrchard wins award, judged by industry peers

The team at Institutional Asset Manager is very pleased to announce the winners of this year’s Institutional Asset Manager Awards, judged by their industry peers. The winners, in this inaugural year

20/05/2021 | Media Coverage
Liechtenstein royal family backs impact investing

The Alpine impregnability of Liechtenstein was long seen as a symbol of the principality’s banking secrecy laws. Often these would hide financial wrongdoing but, today, the country is seeking to bui

20/05/2021 | Media Coverage
BlueOrchard Extends Nordic Impact Push

Stockholm (NordSIP) – With fund managers continuing to embrace sustainable investments, their focus on the Nordic region, where such investments are extremely popular, grows too. On May 12th, BlueO

15/05/2021 | Media Coverage
BondGuide Jahresausgabe Green & Sustainable Finance 2021

Anleiheinvestments: Warum ein grüner und nachhaltiger Anstrich nicht ausreicht

09/05/2021 | Media Coverage
Building resilience among the most vulnerable

This post is co-authored with Ernesto Costa, Agritask’s board member and BlueOrchard’s Head of Private Equity Investments. Climate change is defined by National Geographic as: “a long-term s