31/01/2020 | News
This is my story: Enkhtungalag Dugar

My name is Enkhtungalag, I live with my four children and husband in Darkhan City, Mongolia. After the textile factory where I was working went bankrupt, I took the opportunity to set up my own busine

27/01/2020 | Media Coverage
Impact Investment Exchange closes second Women’s Livelihoods Bond at $12 million

Impact Investment Exchange (IIX) launched its Women’s Livelihood Bond series in 2017 to help low-income women in Southeast Asia transition to sustainable livelihoods. Proceeds raised through the bon

24/01/2020 | News
Impact Investor BlueOrchard wächst rasant

Der führende Schweizer Impact Investment Manager Blue Orchard weiss die Gunst der Stunde zu nutzen. Im Geschäftsjahr 2019 zog der Mikrofinanzmanager deutlich mehr Kundengelder an. Den vollen Artike

24/01/2020 | Media Coverage
BlueOrchard flagship fund hits CHF 2.3bn AUM

BlueOrchard’s flagship Microfinance fund reached USD 2.4bn (CHF 2.3bn) in AUM by the end of December 2019.

23/01/2020 | News Releases
BlueOrchard reports continued strong performance and social outreach in 2019

News release – Flagship BlueOrchard Microfinance Fund exceeds USD 2.4 billion and continues to deliver strong performance – BlueOrchard SDG Impact Bond Fund exceeds the USD 350 million inv

23/01/2020 | Media Coverage
Asia-Pacific is the next frontier for blended finance

The Asia-Pacific region has seen enormous economic growth in the last few decades, which has lifted hundreds of millions out of extreme poverty. According to the Asian Development Bank (ADB), from 200

13/01/2020 | News
Why adaptation is as important as mitigation when it comes to climate action

When talking about climate action, there is naturally a tendency to focus primarily on climate change mitigation. When faced with a potential disaster, the automatic response is to think about what ca

13/01/2020 | Media Coverage
L’effet Greta

L’été dernier, la grande firme de gestion d’actifs Schroders reprenait un fleuron de la finance durable suisse, la plus célèbre des sociétés d’impact investing, BlueOrchard. A 3,5 milliard

13/01/2020 | Media Coverage
‘Gotong royong’: Spirit of Japanese-ASEAN cooperation

This initiative on overseas loans and investments aims to meet the significant demand for infrastructure development in the ASEAN region, while at the same time redressing economic inequality and real

08/01/2020 | Media Coverage
The Top 5 Impact Investing Firms

Impact investing is an extension of socially responsible investing, which focuses on companies that promote ethical and socially responsible consciousness such as environmental sustainability, social

07/01/2020 | News
BlueOrchard empowers female entrepreneurs

“BlueOrchard focuses on the empowerment of female entrepreneurs through its microfinance investments. Closing the credit gap in just 15 countries in the ASEAN region by 2020 could result in a 12

06/01/2020 | News
Patrick Scheurle of BlueOrchard – Scaling To Billions In Impact Investing Through Mircrofinance, Education And More

CEO Patrick Scheurle was a guest on the Spotify Podcast: Impact Leaders hosted by JP Dallmann. Listen to the full podcast here.

06/01/2020 | News
Patrick Scheurle: «ESG ist ein Hygienefaktor»

BlueOrchard CEO Patrick Scheurle spricht mit Finews über die Impact Investing Industrie, und was die neue Partnerschaft mit Schroders für BlueOrchard bedeuten wird. Den vollen Artikel finden Sie hie