My name is Enkhtungalag, I live with my four children and husband in Darkhan City, Mongolia. After the textile factory where I was working went bankrupt, I took the opportunity to set up my own business creating all kinds of knitwear products.

In the beginning I faced financial difficulties, particularly when it came to buying a knitting machine, knitting yarn and other things that I needed for my business. I applied for bank loan, however as I could not meet several of their requirements, including having real estate collateral and tax registration, I couldn’t receive a loan. However, an acquaintance suggested that I should look at VisionFund Mongolia. I took my first loan from them shortly afterwards, and have continued to work with them for more than 10 years – I have just taken my ninth loan of 1.150$.

After taking these loans, I now have my own work place and my productivity has increased significantly. Also my family income is increasing because of my business, and my husband and children live happily with their warm and stylish clothes that are made by me.

Over the last ten years, I have set up and expanded my business, opened a separate work place and invested in a new knitting machine. In the future I am planning to buy an electric knitting machine in order to increase my output.

I am so happy and proud of what I have made, particularly when I get positive feedback from customers – it is great.