13/01/2020 | News
Why adaptation is as important as mitigation when it comes to climate action

When talking about climate action, there is naturally a tendency to focus primarily on climate change mitigation. When faced with a potential disaster, the automatic response is to think about what ca

07/01/2020 | News
BlueOrchard empowers female entrepreneurs

“BlueOrchard focuses on the empowerment of female entrepreneurs through its microfinance investments. Closing the credit gap in just 15 countries in the ASEAN region by 2020 could result in a 12

06/01/2020 | News
Patrick Scheurle of BlueOrchard – Scaling To Billions In Impact Investing Through Mircrofinance, Education And More

CEO Patrick Scheurle was a guest on the Spotify Podcast: Impact Leaders hosted by JP Dallmann. Listen to the full podcast here.

06/01/2020 | News
Patrick Scheurle: «ESG ist ein Hygienefaktor»

BlueOrchard CEO Patrick Scheurle spricht mit Finews über die Impact Investing Industrie, und was die neue Partnerschaft mit Schroders für BlueOrchard bedeuten wird. Den vollen Artikel finden Sie hie