22/11/2021 | Client Stories
This is My Story – Rakesh Showa

2021 is a very special year for BlueOrchard as we celebrate our 20th anniversary. Throughout 2021 we will be sharing with you some of the encouraging entrepreneurial stories, personal dreams, and insi

19/11/2021 | News
BlueOrchard Pioneer Talks – Episode 9: Measuring What Matters

BlueOrchard Pioneer Talks with Ana Maria Montero is a series of conversations with industry experts, end clients, investors, and investees that will take you on the journey of impact investing. In the

19/11/2021 | News
NordSIP event summary | Microfinance: From Covid-Relief to Fintech Opportunities

On November 16, NordSIP invited experts in microfinance to explore the intricacies of and the latest developments in this fascinating asset class. Two asset managers, Tim Crijns, Fund Manager for the

18/11/2021 | Publications
Operating Principles for Impact Management – Disclosure Statement

Zurich, 18 November 2021 – Launched in April 2019, the Operating Principles for Impact Management represent a new standard for impact investing, developed in collaboration with industry leaders

17/11/2021 | News
CEO of BlueOrchard Finance makes a strong case for impact investing in infrastructure

Some $2.5trn of the UN development goals has yet to be invested and “75% of that gap is made up of critical infrastructure projects in the developing world,” says Philipp Mueller, chief executive

11/11/2021 | News
Acht Produkte erhalten den Sustainable Award in Finance

Bankmagazin, Versicherungsmagazin und das Analysehaus Morgen & Morgen haben zum zweiten Mal den Sustainable Award in Finance vergeben. Von 23 eingereichten Produkten von 17 Anbietern befand die Ju

11/11/2021 | News

We are thrilled to announce, in partnership with Real Deals, the 2021 Future 40: Impact Investment Funds  

10/11/2021 | News
‘Investeer in essentiële zaken, dát maakt impact’

Ondanks dat er veel discussie is in de markt over het hoe en waarom van ESG-integratie, dringt impact beleggen steeds verder door tot de financiële mainstream. 2021, het eerste jaar in twee decennia

10/11/2021 | Blog
#BOFaces – Meet Maria Kaneva-Jacobs

The #BOFaces series introduces you to the people making up BlueOrchard’s dedicated team, which is spread across our offices around the world. This week, we had the pleasure of speaking with Maria Ka

09/11/2021 | News
How Can Investors Ensure A “Just Transition” In Climate Change Fight?

Much of the discussion around COP26 is naturally focused directly on the challenge of the climate crisis and its amplified effects on emerging and frontier markets. We believe investment in these grow

08/11/2021 | News
How can investors ensure a “just transition” in climate change fight?

A dollar invested in emerging and frontier markets can do more for the climate emergency than one invested in developed markets, but we must ensure plans are fair to all.

08/11/2021 | Publications
An Investors’ Guide to Impact Investing – interactive version

5 Steps to Create a Positive Impact Are you considering investing with an impact? Are you overwhelmed with impact definitions, terms, and abbreviations? Are you struggling to find the right impact inv

08/11/2021 | News
Als Privater kann man sehr wohl einen positiven Beitrag in Entwicklungsländern leisten

Die Corona-Krise hat viele Bemühungen zurückgeworfen, bedürftigen Menschen in armen Ländern zu einem nachhaltig besseren Leben zu verhelfen. Es gibt aber auch etliche Erfolgsgeschichten, an denen

07/11/2021 | News
What are your expectations for COP26?

Against the backdrop of the current COP26 conference, we quickly caught up with Philipp Mueller, our CEO, and Maria Teresa Zappia, our Chief Impact & Blended Finance Officer and Deputy CEO, to lea

01/11/2021 | Publications
BlueOrchard Impact Report 2021

Empowering people, protecting the planet In 2021, an exceptional year for the entire world, we all have been struggling with the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. For the first time in two decade