31/07/2018 | Media Coverage
Stabiles Ergebnis im ersten Halbjahr und Bewilligung der UCITS-Lizenz

BlueOrchard Finance AG («BlueOrchard»), ein führender Schweizer Impact Investment Manager, meldet für das erste Halbjahr ein stabiles Ergebnis und baut die Position als weltweit größter Asset Ma

31/07/2018 | Media Coverage
Zurich impact investor plans microfinance Ucits launch

A Zurich-based impact investment manager – which says it is the largest manager in the field of microfinance – has gained a Ucits licence.

31/07/2018 | Media Coverage
BlueOrchard will Luxemburger Fonds auflegen

Der Impact Manager BlueOrchard hat in Luxemburg die Lizenz als UCITS Management Gesellschaft erhalten und plant die Lancierung von UCITS-Fonds.

31/07/2018 | News Releases
BlueOrchard: solid financial and social performance in the first half-year – new UCITS management company license

Mid-year news release Impact investment manager BlueOrchard further strengthens position as world’s largest asset manager in the field of microfinance with strategies and products addressing UN

25/07/2018 | Media Coverage
Don’t call ESG/SRI impact investing, says BlueOrchard CEO

Impact investing manager BlueOrchard is to launch its first Ucits fund after it has been granted a Luxembourg asset management license by local regulator CSSF last June.

20/07/2018 | Events
Organisation of Eastern & Southern Africa Insurers

Speaker: Magdalena Zatorska, BlueOrchard Private Equity-Team Africa

18/07/2018 | Events
The BlueOrchard Impact Summit

Closing the Gap

18/07/2018 | Media Coverage
Mikrofinanz als Alternative in einem diversifizierten Portfolio

Mikrofinanz hat sich in den letzten Jahren als eigenständige Anlagekategorie etabliert.

18/07/2018 | Media Coverage
Diversifikation durch Mikrofinanz

Anleger müssen sich nicht mehr zwischen Rendite und einem guten Gewissen entscheiden. Dank Impact-Investitionen wie der Mikrofinanz können sie beides haben.

18/07/2018 | Media Coverage
BlueOrchard: Mikrofinanz gehört ins Portfolio

Ob Tech-Krise oder Euro-Krise, in den vergangenen 20 Jahren haben sich Mikrofinanzstrategien von diesen und anderen globalen Marktverwerfungen nicht beeindrucken lassen.

18/07/2018 | Media Coverage
Mikrofinanz als Alternative in einem diversifizierten Portfolio

In den vergangenen Jahren hat sich Mikrofinanz als eigenständige Anlagekategorie etabliert, schreibt der Impact Investment Manager BlueOrchard in einem Marktkommentar.

18/07/2018 | Media Coverage
Microfinance: des sources de rendement alternatives

Les placements dans ce domaine ont à la fois un impact social et une attractivité financière.

17/07/2018 | Media Coverage
Short duration debt, Mideast equity lead first half EM fund performance

LONDON (Reuters) – Middle East equity funds soared in the first half of 2018 after Saudi Arabia got the nod from MSCI for inclusion in its emerging stocks index, while microfinance and short-dur

16/07/2018 | Blog
#This is my story

My name is Jose Elías Suazo Romero and I come from Yoro, Honduras. Over the last three years, I have received five different loans from Credisol (Honduran microfinance institution), which allowed me

16/07/2018 | Media Coverage
An alternative to traditional microfinancing in emerging markets: impact bonds offer financial returns, liquidity and social impact

As early as 2007, the G8, the group of eight leading economies, highlighted the role of bond markets in emerging and developing countries for economic and financial stability and growth in these count

09/07/2018 | Events
Asia Sustainable & Responsible Capital Markets Forum 2018

Speaker: Pierrick Balmain, Head of Business Development APAC

04/07/2018 | Events
IIS Conference

Speaker: David Keel, Head of Business Development

02/07/2018 | Media Coverage
Tensions simmer over definition of impact investing

Impact investing, as a dedicated niche of sustainable investing, is under threat by greenwashing from mainstream asset managers, specialists warn.