Top Minds x Top of the World

Over the past few decades, economic growth and technological innovation have brought about significant improvements in health and living conditions worldwide.  However, the income inequality within countries has worsened. This internal inequality has significant implications as it directly affects individuals’ lives on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis.

Inequality goes beyond just income and purchasing power. Inequalities of opportunity affect a person’s life expectancy and access to basic services such as healthcare, education, water, and sanitation. These inequalities are exacerbated in the context of climate change. Developing countries mainly rely on climate-sensitive sectors such as agriculture, fisheries, and forestry, which are highly vulnerable to changes in temperature, precipitation patterns, and extreme weather events.

These pressing global challenges and inequalities cannot be addressed by any single entity alone but requires collaborative actions among the public and private sector. More than ever, a meeting of the leading minds is required to gain a deeper understanding of the associated risks and devise concrete actions.

As the pioneer in the impact investing industry, it is BlueOrchard’s duty to continue fostering synergies across industries to create innovative and sustainable development via impact investment solutions. With the focus set on Inequality – Bridging the Divide with the focus set on Inequalities – Bridge the Divide the summit will focus on how to pursue inclusive, equitable, and sustainable growth. Our aim is to find a balance among the economic, social, and environmental aspects of sustainable development. The event will be purely factual, non-political, and non-commercial.

We have prepared an agenda for you unlike any other Summit:

  • Immerse yourself in the beautiful Swiss nature by experiencing first-hand the effects of global warming (optional);
  • Meet with global leaders & key decision-makers while getting inspired by eye-opening and insightful speeches as well as insightful panel discussions;
  • Connect with public and private stakeholders and the brightest minds from the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Please note that this event is by invitation only.