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Impact pioneer and leader

We are impact investment pioneers with an unprecedented 20+ year track record, a global reach of over 280 million people, and the largest commercial microfinance fund in the world. Our goal? Combining social and environmental impact with a positive financial return.


We are a trusted investment partner for sophisticated investors and global initiatives who fight inequality and the effects of climate change. A member of the Schroders Group, we have invested long-term in more than 100 emerging and frontier markets through a network of over 750 financial institutions.

Expertise and track record

We are a proven investment platform with local experts, two decades of experience, and outstanding knowledge of a range of asset classes. Our bespoke impact management frameworks and standards are also always kept up-to-date with industry best practice.

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Impact Guide

Interested in making a difference through impact investing? Start here. We will guide you through several approaches – as well as answering several key questions for any impact-oriented portfolio.

Impact Report

Empowering people, protecting our planet – that is the key focus of our BlueOrchard Impact Report. Find out more about the impact we have and the people we have supported.

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