Philipp Müller joined BlueOrchard in 2018 and is currently responsible for the portfolio management and asset allocation of all managed funds and mandates. He has vast experience in investment solutions roles. Prior to his employment at BlueOrchard, Philipp worked at Partners Group for 10 years, where he held various management positions in the UK and Switzerland. He brings a wealth of experience in developing and managing investment solutions for global clients. Philipp holds an MBA from ETH Zurich and a Master’s degree in Law from the University of Zurich.

Peter Fanconi, Chairman of BlueOrchard, said: “We are delighted to promote with Philipp an internal successor as our new CEO. Philipp has a strong track record in impact investing and is a true investment expert. As CEO, Philipp’s mandate will be to lead and further develop one of the finest impact investment managers, delivering social and environmental impact alongside financial returns. Together with our talented staff, he will be responsible for writing the next chapter in our more than 20 year history.” He continued: “On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to sincerely thank Patrick for his outstanding achievements as CEO of BlueOrchard. During Patrick’s tenure, BlueOrchard broadened its footprint as a leading impact investor globally. I would personally like to thank Patrick for his dedication towards the BlueOrchard mission, and I wish him the very best for his future. ”

Peter Harrison, Group Chief Executive of Schroders, said: “The succession with Philipp emphasises the breadth and depth of BlueOrchard’s management team. Philipp will secure the further development of our successful partnership. We look forward to expanding our offering for clients seeking investments that achieve a positive impact on society and environment as well as generating attractive returns.”

Philipp Mueller, newly appointed CEO, added: “I thank the Board for its trust and I am excited to lead BlueOrchard into the next chapter, working closely with the Chairman and experienced management team. We will further drive innovation and growth to offer convincing impact investment solutions to our clients.”

The expertise and competence of the executive management will be strengthened by Daniel Perroud. Daniel has more than 20 years of deep industry knowledge and extensive experience in business development in traditional and alternative investments. Prior to joining BlueOrchard a couple of years ago, Daniel Perroud held a number of senior positions at Muzinich & Co, Franklin Templeton Investments and Harcourt Investment Consulting.

As of 1 April, the executive management team at BlueOrchard will consist of Philipp Müller (CEO), Maria Teresa Zappia (Deputy-CEO and CIO), Felix Hermes (Head of Private Equity and Infrastructure), Normunds Mizis (Chief Credit Officer) and Daniel Perroud (Global Head of Business Development), subject to regulatory approval.


Key biographies

Philipp Müller

Philipp is Head of Investment Solutions at BlueOrchard Finance. Prior to joining BlueOrchard, he was Senior Vice President of Investment Solutions at Partners Group, where he assumed global responsibility for the formation of funds and other investment vehicles. Philipp was responsible for the design and implementation of customized private market investment funds and separate account mandates for institutional investors. He coordinated roll-outs, investor on-boarding and closings and managed transactions through closing for the entire portfolio of private market investment programs.

During his 10 year tenure at Partners Group he assumed different management roles in the UK and in Switzerland. Prior to this, Philipp worked for 47 Degrees North Capital Management and Swiss Re. Philipp holds an MBA from ETH Zurich as well as a Masters’ degree in Law from University of Zurich.

Maria Teresa Zappia

Maria Teresa joined BlueOrchard in 2008 to manage the investment team. As of 2012 Maria Teresa was appointed Chief Investment Officer and was responsible for the top-down part of the investment process at BlueOrchard together with the Portfolio Management Team. She now leads the Blended Finance Impact Management team and is responsible for the PPP funds under BlueOrchard’s management and BlueOrchard’s impact practice.

Before joining BlueOrchard, Maria Teresa worked as Senior Banker in the Group for Small Business which was EBRD’s microfinance and SME finance team and managed a portfolio of microfinance/SME credit lines with local commercial banks and MFIs across the Balkans, Central Europe and Central Asia. She also worked for the Asian Development Bank and for the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) in several field positions in Africa, Asia and Central Asia. Maria Teresa, holds a Master of Philosophy in Development Studies from the University of Sussex (UK) and a Master in Economics from the University of Florence (Italy).

Daniel Perroud

Daniel has over 20 years of in-depth industry knowledge and extensive experience in business development for traditional and alternative investments. He has held several positions of responsibility in recognized companies such as Harcourt Investment, Muzinich & Co. and Franklin Templeton. Daniel holds a Masters of Laws from the University of Fribourg (Switzerland) and attended an executive program of finance at INSEAD in Fontainebleau.


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