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Our latest video provides you with comprehensive insights into impact investing from the perspective of investors to micro entrepreneurs.

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Fostering shared prosperity and inclusive growth worldwide

By providing access to financial services, BlueOrchard has empowered over 20 million low income individuals across the emerging world.

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Microentrepreneurs financed

Since 2001, we have financed over 30 million micro-entrepreneurs worldwide. Every 10 seconds BlueOrchard provides a loan to a micro-entrepreneur in one of 60 emerging countries.

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Ending global poverty

Huge progress is being made in the fight to end extreme poverty, with less than 1 billion people living in extreme poverty today. Every 2 seconds, one less person lives in extreme poverty:

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  • A total of USD 3,5 bn invested
  • Pioneering impact investing since 2001

among our 20+ million end-clients served

  • Investments in over 60 emerging markets
  • Over 300 MFIs financed

Our Global Impact

Founded in 2001, BlueOrchard has invested USD 3 billion in over 60 emerging and frontier markets across Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and Africa. Our vision is to foster financial inclusion and shared prosperity worldwide.

Our Impact
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