The General Assembly of BlueOrchard Finance S.A. approved all proposals by its Board and has further agreed to strengthen its management structure. Peter A. Fanconi, CEO and Member of the Board, will become Chairman of the Board of Directors, succeeding Prof. Ernst A. Brugger as of 1 January 2016. Meanwhile Ernst A. Brugger will continue to provide his expertise as a board member. Further, Mr. Boris Collardi, CEO of Bank Julius Bär was newly elected to the Board.

Ernst A. Brugger: “BlueOrchard’s developments as well as its social impact are very promising. With the planned change in the management structure, continuity and dynamism are ensured for the coming years. Peter Fanconi becoming my successor is fantastic. His merits for the company are substantial and his engagement is unique.”

Peter A. Fanconi: “As Chairman I will continue to work with great commitment for BlueOrchard. Our goals to fight poverty and simultaneously achieve attractive returns for our investors will be continuously implemented. With the election of Mr. Boris Collardi, the Board of Directors constitutes a distinguished council. Patrick Scheurle, designated CEO, has been working for BlueOrchard for years and has impressed all of us with his industry knowledge and foresight. I am proud to be part of this team.”

The proven management team remains as follows:
Dr. Patrick Scheurle, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Maria Teresa Zappia, Chief Investment Officer (CIO)
Chuck Olson, Chief Credit Officer (CCO)
Frédéric Berney, Chief Risk Officer (CRO)

Patrick Scheurle: “I am delighted and highly motivated to tackle future challenges together with the BlueOrchard team. We have unique and outstanding competencies within our organization. With these prerequisites we will continue to further establish BlueOrchard as a leading player in the field of Impact Investing.”

For further information, please contact:
Ebony Satti
+41 44 441 55 50