Ibu Nita is the eldest of four siblings and has a family of six to provide for. Her husband worked as a construction worker and freelance carpenter, and together they worked hard to make ends meet.

Six years ago, she decided to start her own food business, called BAKSO GAUL, which specialises in making Bakso. Bakso are Meatballs, which are a popular comfort food in Indonesia, often eaten for breakfast or a quick, hot meal. Ibu Nita saw an opportunity and decided to prepare and sell Bakso.

However, Ibu Nita faced challenges in the beginning due to a lack of capital, which caused her business to stagnate. Fortunately, she received a working capital loan from Bina Artha, which allowed her to expand her meatball production and open a fried chicken business.

Thanks to the support of Bina Artha, Ibu Nita’s food businesses continued to grow and diversify. She now sells both meatballs and fried chicken from her home. Ibu Nita hopes to continue partnering with Bina Artha to develop and expand her culinary business, with plans to launch a beverage business in the future.