In 2019, Ibu Masriyah embarked on an entrepreneurial journey with her son, venturing into the betta fish industry. Previously, she had owned a stone-selling business. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic presented unexpected obstacles for her business, resulting in a decline in sales.

Inspired by her son’s previous experience in the betta fish trade, they decided to start the business together. With the initial capital provided by the Indonesian microfinance institution MBK, a partner of BlueOrchard, they were able to purchase betta fish from Kediri, a region renowned for its betta fish trade.

Over time, the business expanded, and Ibu Masriyah began breeding a large number of fish in multiple aquariums. She received numerous orders for international shipments, including to Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. To sell her fish, she utilizes social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok.

In the second year of her business, Ibu Masriyah obtained an additional loan to purchase additional equipment like cardboard and fish medicine. She reinvests the profits from her business into her children’s school fees and home renovations.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Ibu Masriyah’s determination and hard work paid off, leading to the ongoing success and growth of her business.