Ibu Lani had worked as an employee in a tailoring business for years before opening her own tailor shop in 2012. As a mother herself, Ibu Lani initially began producing baby clothes, but unfortunately, she faced low sales and had to pivot her business strategy. Undeterred, she shifted her focus to producing clothing for commercial purposes, such as robes and factory uniforms, which were in high demand.

To support this shift, Ibu Lani sought capital and joined MBK, an Indonesian microfinance institution and partner of BlueOrchard, three years ago. She sourced materials from Surabaya and produced each order in excess, anticipating purchases from regular shops.

Despite her hard work, the Covid-19 pandemic posed a significant challenge to Ibu Lani’s business, leading to a significant decrease in turnover. However, with the support of MBK, she managed to keep her business afloat. Fortunately, her turnover has now returned to pre-pandemic levels, and her business is thriving once again.

Over the years, Ibu Lani’s business has experienced significant growth, thanks in part to multiple micro loans from MBK. She used the loans to buy sewing machines, purchase materials, and rent her business premises. Today, she operates with four sewing machines and employs six individuals, contributing to her community and creating a better future for her family.