Ibu Juriah, a mother of two, runs a grocery shop in front of her house to support her family, including her parents, younger siblings, and children. Despite her hard work, she faced challenges in expanding her business and restocking inventory. However, her situation began to change when she started working with Bina Artha, a microfinance institution and BlueOrchard partner.

Through micro loans, Ibu Juriah was able to grow her business, establish a meatball business, renovate her house, and pay for her siblings’ and children’s education. But she didn’t stop there. She has a dream of renting a kiosk to expand her meatball business, in addition to her current stall. With the hope of securing further working capital, she aims to turn her dream into a reality.

Ibu Juriah’s story showcases the impact of microfinance in empowering individuals to improve their lives and pursue their aspirations. Her journey highlights the transformative opportunities that microfinance can provide, enabling entrepreneurs like her to create a better future for themselves and their families.