Ibu Hasanah started an onion frying business with her husband in 2012, and they have been running it successfully for over 10 years. The business was passed down to her from her parents, who were also involved in producing fried onions.

Ibu Hasanah’s thriving business relies heavily on sourcing onions from the Pabeancantika market, the sole supplier for her needs. Each day, she produces a minimum of 8 kg of onions, which she and her husband sell at the traditional Keputih market in Surabaya. They take pride in customizing the packaging according to their customers’ preferences.

To further expand her business, Ibu Hasanah partnered with Indonesian microfinance institution MBK, which is a trusted partner of BlueOrchard. Through the support of MBK, she secured a recent disbursement that enabled her to purchase more onions and increase her production capacity. The profits generated from her business not only sustain her family’s daily needs but also contribute to her children’s education expenses.

Ibu Hasanah’s unwavering dedication and hard work have been instrumental in the continuous growth of her onion frying business.