Ibu Ajah has five children, four of whom are married and have already moved out. She now lives with her husband and one child.

Ibu Ajah sells fresh vegetables at a stall in front of her house. She has been doing this for the past fifteen years, initially traveling around the village by motorbike and selling vegetables from house to house. However, as she got older and established a good reputation and loyal customer base, she decided to sell at a fixed location.

Before opening the stall in front of her home, Ibu Ajah received her first micro loan from from Bina Artha, an Indonesian microfinance institution and partner of BlueOrchard. This allowed her to add stock to her stall and to be able to provide for the stall and for the needs of her family.

Ibu Ajah plans to diversify her business by providing gas cylinders and drinking water gallons. With the support of Bina Artha, Ibu Ajah is confident that she can continue to grow her business and provide for her family.