My name is Rosa Leticia Ramirez and I am a micro entrepreneur from Tegucigalpa, Honduras. I own a small kiosk, where I sell chewing gum and sweets. I have been a Banco Popular customer for more than five years, starting with a loan of HNL 5’000 (USD 210) which I used to expand the range of products I was offering. Then, I obtained a loan of HNL 50’000 (USD 2’100) with which I bought material to improve my home and work premises. With a third loan of HNL 100’000 (USD 4’200), I extended my home to two floors.
In the meantime I have also opened a small dining room where I serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am planning to further expand my businesses in the coming years and move to another location, consolidating my kiosk and food service.