My name is Oybi Salimova from Tajikistan. I am a housewife and needlewoman as well as a mother of four children.

My success story began in 2014, when I applied for a loan from FINCA Tajikistan in the amount 5,000 TJS for the first time. This loan radically turned my life around and brought a lot of significant changes. I started the business by setting up a small table near my house to sell my products from, with a total turnover of around $100. Subsequent loans were taken to develop my small business, which was growing. I then started to rent a food stall and started selling fast food and pastries there. Thanks to these loans and the successful cooperation with FINCA, my business began to evolve rapidly. I managed to increase the range of products, expand the points of sale and acquire new customers.

Now, I have already achieved many accomplishments. The loans from FINCA have helped me conduct wedding ceremonies of my son and daughter as well as renovate my house. Thanks to FINCA Tajikistan, my business has improved significantly, my household began to develop, and in the future, I intend to continue working with FINCA Tajikistan, to grow my business further.

I am very happy and grateful to FINCA for the support!