#This is my story: “my name is Milovan Bosančić, and I started working on my father’s farm straight out of primary school. We had no machinery back then, just horses, 2 cows and 1 sow. As a young man, I bought 30 dunams (3 hectares) of land. At that time I did not use loans.

I got married in 1987, and together with my wife continued to increase the farm’s production, especially after the war. Both my parents have since died, but we continue the work they started on the family land, and that means a lot to us. I have used loans from Mikrofin for different purposes: I built a stable, purchased a combine harvester and then a larger tractor. Today, I have about 50 dunams (5 hectares) of land, 3 tractors with all tractor implements, one harvester, 20 dairy cows and 5 heifers. I also farm 200 dunams (20 hectares) of farmland under lease. All three of our children graduated from high school. Two of them found jobs, while our youngest is working on the farm with me. My future plans include a fattening farm and a semi-open dairy barn.”