I am Gerardo Diaz de Leon and I live in Mexico City. I have a kiosk, in which I sell tacos, and I run a mechanic service for automobiles. With my first loan from FinLabor (Mexican microfinance institution) I leased a mobile kiosk named “Tacos Don Ruly”. I invested my second loan for USD 2.500 in a mechanic service for fixing cars. Since then, I have taken 19 loans. Today, I own the kiosk, I have hired two employees and I also have a tacos delivery service. With the next loan, I plan to buy electric machines to improve my mechanic service. Thanks to the loans from FinLabor I have been able to improve my family’s living conditions significantly. For example, we used to live in a leased house. Today, I own this house. Moreover, I am able to save away money with which I plan to buy a car to save time.