Jyldyz was born and grew up in Safarovka, a village in the Jalal-Abad region of the Kyrgyz Republic. She has a big family; her four sons work in Russia, supporting their parents.

Jyldyz has been engaged in cattle breeding most of her life, and at the moment there are 12 cows and 17 sheeps on her farm. Also, for many years, she has been engaged in the production and selling of dairy products. Living four kilometers far from the district center, she delivers fresh dairy products there every morning. However,  because of the enforced movement restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it became difficult to continue delivering the products. Fortunately, Jyldyz’s neighbors and acquaintances stepped into the breach and were buying her products.

In addition, Jyldyz faced another challenge. In the warm season, she urgently needed a refrigerator to store her dairy products, but she did not have enough money to buy one. For this purpose, she applied to Bailyk Finance, a Kyrgyz microfinance institution, for a loan in September 2020. The micro-loan helped to sustain her business during the challenging pandemic period.

Jyldyz says today: “Thanks to the loan from Bailyk Finance, I was able to acquire the necessary appliances and, of course, the refrigerator I had dreamt of for a long time.”