Aynura was born and grew up in Balykchy, a small city located in the Issyk-Kul region of the Kyrgyz Republic. She is married and has a son. Aynura has been cooperating with Bailyk Finance, a Kyrgyz microfinance institution, since the first days of her entrepreneurial activities and received her first loan to expand and renovate a bathhouse business. Subsequently, she received loans for the development of agricultural business and the purchase of equipment. With the income generated from her businesses, Aynura bought a van and started distributing confectionery products to shops.

However, during the Covid-19 pandemic, Aynura, like many others, became unemployed, as her bathhouse and confectionary distributing businesses were affected by the government-enforced restrictions. In addition, at that time, she was diagnosed with a head disease and received treatment, therefore she strictly had to follow all the quarantine rules.

Thanks to her agricultural business, which was less affected by the restrictions, Aynura and her family could survive this difficult period. In her agriculture business, Aynura has three horses, one cow, and 15 sheeps. The family decided to strengthen the financial safety cushion and in September 2020, received a loan in the amount of KGS 105-000 from Bailyk Finance and bought additional livestock. In February 2021, Aynura successfully repaid the loan and received another for increasing the turnover of confectionery products. Today, Aynura’s health is restored and her businesses are prospering.