My name is Blanca Estela de la Sancha Delgado and I sell hamburgers in Mexico City. A few years ago, I tried to seek greener pastures abroad and migrated to another country. However, the plan did not pay off and I was forced to return to Mexico. On my arrival in Mexico City I struggled with various problems. I had difficulties finding a job and taking care of my four children. Therefore, I decided to take matters into my own hands and to open a hamburgers business. At the beginning it was very difficult for me, especially because I didn’t have enough money. So it came that I turned to Finlabor, where I got a loan in the amount of USD 150. Since then, I have already taken 10 loans from Finlabor. My last one was even in the amount of USD 1,400. My aim is to further expand my business. The loans have helped me to take good care of my four children, being able to provide them education, food, clothes and much more. I would have never expected to be successful in Mexico. Today, I am convinced that it is not necessary to move to other countries to become successful.