Social Performance Report 2014: Raising our SPIRIT

15/01/2015 Publications

BlueOrchard’s 2014 edition Social Performance Report: Raising our SPIRIT

The report provides an overview of the recent upgrade of our in-house social performance measurement tool, the “Social Performance Impact Reporting & Intelligence Tool” (SPIRIT). SIPIRIT has been revised to enhance its efficiency and incorporate the latest developments in the industry of microfinance. Our aim is to further improve the rigor of the assessment process while supporting initiatives for the standardization of social performance monitoring across the field.

The report discusses SPIRIT’s new top-line assessment areas which have been aligned with the Universal Standards on Social Performance Management (USSPM). MFIs that excel in each respective area are showcased and participant impressions from 2014 investor field trips to Cambodia and Georgia are shared in conclusion.

  • Social Performance Report 2014