Pedro lives in the village of Tungko, in the province of Bulacan in the Philippines. He is married and has a 16 year old daughter. When Pedro lost his job as a construction worker due to a back injury, he struggled to provide for his family. A friend of his suggested he rent his jeepney and start working with the Tungko jeepney driver association. Pedro first borrowed 10,000 Php to cover rent and maintain his friends vehicle. Pedro now travels daily from Tungko to San Jose City, with many regular passengers. In the mornings, Pedro is now in charge of scheduling the Tungko-San Jose journeys and manages the schedule of nearly 300 drivers. Quickly increasing his income, Pedro was able to pay back the loan. He now has a fourth loan from amounting to 15,000 Php. The loans have allowed him to buy his own jeepney, put some money to the side and pay for his daughter’s studies.