In 2001, Jennifer’s husband lost his job so she decided to start her own business selling children’s slippers, which she fabricates at her home. With a first micro-loan, she bought the raw materials to launch production, including rubber, cloth and plastic. She soon had her family members trained for the production and her business grew step by step. She is currently paying off her 15th small credit amounting to Philippino Peso 35,000 (ca. EUR 526), which she used to buy more materials and sewing machines that have allowed her to more than triple her productivity. Jennifer now employs five women and together they can make up to 240 pairs of sandals daily for sale. Her slippers can be found for sale at local markets all around her area. This business has allowed Jennifer to provide for her family, also take care of her aging parents and to send her three children to school. Two of the jobs the business has created, she gave to her relatives. On the one hand, she dreams of developing her business and one day selling her shoes in shopping centers and even abroad. On the other she hopes to send her children to university with the money she saves every month.