Sustainable Infrastructure

Sustainable Infrastructure

Infrastructure finance is essential for building, maintaining and improving public services and infrastructure in emerging and frontier markets. With our investments in this area, we are pursuing lasting social, environmental and economic impact alongside financial returns.

Investment strategy

Our infrastructure finance investment strategies focus on debt investments in emerging and frontier markets with strong contribution towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We target vital segments of sustainable infrastructure, including renewable energy and energy infrastructure, sustainable transportation and logistics, waste management projects, communications, water and wastewater facilities as well as social infrastructure.  We work closely with local communities, project developers and equity sponsors to identify robust investment opportunities, mitigate project risk and to ensure design of projects that maximize SDG impact.

Value creation and impact

Our investment strategy in sustainable infrastructure aims to improve livelihoods and promote low-carbon and climate resilient economic development in emerging countries, by addressing unmet funding needs. In addition, our investment approach seeks to move beyond the mere selection and funding of projects. We aim to create exclusive investment opportunities by “connecting the dots”, linking stake-holders in policy, technology and finance sectors at each stage of the project development value-chain. This assures high additionality with respect to the SDG impact of our investments and portfolios.


Our Sustainable Infrastructure Team consists of senior experts with the necessary experience to successfully navigate BlueOrchard’s target markets. The team possesses complementary technical and sectoral skills, and shares our investors’ desire to achieve outstanding financial, social and environmental performance.