Impact Private Equity – Fostering Financial Inclusion in Emerging Markets

02/02/2022 Publications

Zurich, 2 February 2022 – Financial inclusion – the access to affordable and relevant financial services – is a critical lever for the empowerment and resilience of individuals and businesses. While yielding powerful impact, financial inclusion is also providing strong growth opportunities for companies active in the field. By providing the capital needed for their growth, private equity offers excellent access to these predominantly unlisted companies — offering true double impact.

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the need of many institutions for equity and regulatory capital, creating a unique opportunity to partner with resilient, fast growing, and profitable institutions that can further drive financial inclusion in growth markets. Against this backdrop, we are very proud to provide you with our latest BlueOrchard Academy White Paper on the topic of “Impact Private Equity – Fostering Financial Inclusion in Emerging Markets”.

Open the PDF below to read the full White Paper.

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