Our Head of Business Development Nordics, Shawn Westcott speaks at the Westsea Week in Sweden.

The Westsea week is an event focused on discussing, educating about and interacting with our ocean. It will run between 3-11th of August and is hosted both by local Swedish actors such as local harbors and museums and international NGOs such as Greenpeace. As one of the larger questions about climate change is the health of our ocean, the Westsea week will host a seminar with a focus on the threats and opportunities to our ocean. Experts will gather to discuss and share their knowledge about the topic, such as Erik Solheim, the former executive director of the UN Environment Programme and SEBs Fredrik Stenman. The event will start with the famous Swedish trend of “Plogging”, where participants will collect trash while jogging, plocka (pick up) + jogga (jog) = plogga, and follow with a day of presentations and discussions.