Dogsom is 42 years old and he lives in the periphery of Ulan Bator with his mother Birvaa who helps him in his work as a cattle raiser. He has three 3 children who go to school in town. He previously worked as a veterinary for 18 years. 6 years ago, he decided to raise cattle and started with 6 cows. In 2005, he took out his first loan of Mongolian Tugrik (MNT) 1,2 million (equivalent to USD 825) to buy more cattle. After he paid back his loan, he took out another one for MNT 2,7 million (about USD 1,856) to increase his herd further. Now, he owns 45 cows and he plans to further grow his breeding business by taking out another loan. The biggest part of his income comes from selling milk and cheese in the surroundings. He lives in an area of “datchas”, or holiday residences in the country side, where people retire during the summer season to get away from the heat and pollution of the city. He also delivers his dairy products to a holiday camp that was built in the proximity of his tent home.