05/09/2016 | Videos
BlueOrchard Week in Georgia

In June the entire company and its ambassadors gathered together to discuss the future of impact investing and what role we are going to play as one of the leading industry players. We also took this occasion to celebrate our 15th birthday. Watch the video to learn more about BlueOrchard’s spirit.

04/01/2016 | Videos
Private schools in Africa are a growing reality & an opportunity for socially responsible investors.

In Cameroon private schools aim at offering AAA (accountable, affordable, and accessible) education services. Foreign investors provide financing for school fee loans and private schools. A leading Swiss impact investment manager plays a crucial role in this.

12/11/2015 | Videos
Wie funktioniert Mikrofinanz?

Mikrokredite revolutionieren angeblich das traditionelle Geschäft mit Darlehen. Und das Risiko sei dabei erst noch gering, behaupten zwei langjährige Banker in einem soeben publizierten Fachbuch.

08/09/2015 | Videos
Global Entrepreneurial Leaders Summit

How access to financial services fosters entrepreneurship, creates jobs & improves health, education & nutrition rates.

17/01/2014 | Videos
Visiting end-clients in Cambodia with Peter Fanconi

CNBC NIKKEI station joins BlueOrchard’s CEO while visiting microfinance clients in Cambodia

30/09/2013 | Videos
Impact of microfinance in Kyrgyzstan with Peter Fanconi

Swiss station SFR joins BlueOrchard’s CEO in the field in Kyrgyzstan and reports on the impact of microfinance.