This week, we had the pleasure of speaking with Thomas Henauer, our Business Development Director, DACH, based in the Zurich office. Continue reading if you want to learn why Thomas decided to join BlueOrchard, what he likes most about working here, and how he makes an impact in his private life.

Thomas, what do you like most about working at BlueOrchard?

The purpose of the company, the people, the incredible talent pool, the good team spirit, and the measurable impact we can achieve for our investors every day.

Why did you join BlueOrchard?

I graduated in environmental engineering from the ETH Zurich and have been working in the financial industry ever since.  Joining BlueOrchard was the opportunity to finally combine my profession with my education.

How do you make an impact in your private life?

As an elected member of the government in my home town, I am responsible for the finance department and local fiscal policy. Local politics offers the opportunity to deal with the various daily challenges our citizens want us, the members of the city council, to solve. This helps to create an immediate impact by  – hopefully – improve the living standard of the people in our town.

Lastly, what is most valuable advice you can give to people interested in impact investing?

Get in touch with BlueOrchard.

Thank you, Thomas.