This week, we had the pleasure of speaking with Steffen Klawitter, Business Development Director, based in Frankfurt, Germany.

  • Steffen, why did you decide to work in impact investing?

More than 30 years ago, I read the 2nd book of the Club of Rome about “The Limits to Growth.” Since then, sustainable development has become my passion. Over the years in the financial industry, I have been able to combine my passion with my professional life. It is great to contribute to making the world a better place and to work with people who care about people and the planet. I find it special that interactions are always friendly and respectful.”

  • Why did you join BlueOrchard and what do you like most about working here?

“I joined BlueOrchard because it is one of the pioneers and a leading impact asset manager. Being part of the Schroders group provides the potential to scale impact investments, which is urgently needed when considering the challenges our world is facing. I enjoy working together with motivated and super friendly colleagues who share the same values. Additionally, I feel privileged to be able to invest 100% of my working time in something meaningful.”

  • How do you make an impact in your private life?

“I strive to live sustainably by using green electricity since 1997, building one of the first plus energy houses in Germany and participating in a federal research program with it, and driving an electric car since 2018. On the other side, in terms of my handprint, which often has a greater impact, I serve on the advisory board of an NGO that finances organic farmers in the Frankfurt region. I also assist refugees, share sustainable topics on LinkedIn, and, last but not least, in my professional life, I mobilise funding for impact initiatives.”