This week, we had the pleasure of speaking with Mahesh Joshi, Head of Private Equity Investment Asia, based in Singapore.

Mahesh, why did you join BlueOrchard?

BlueOrchard is a true leader among impact investors. It was founded even before the term “impact investing” was used. BlueOrchard has done great work in emerging markets, showing their commitment and skill. What attracted me to BlueOrchard was not just the firm’s past success, but also the chance for more growth in the future.

What motivates you?

As private equity investors, we have the opportunity to interact with entrepreneurs who are building innovative solutions to improve the world. Hearing the stories of these entrepreneurs is always a rewarding experience. Their efforts to make meaningful contributions to society are incredibly inspirational, and it’s a privilege for us to engage with them. We bear the responsibility of allocating resources to fuel these entrepreneurial journeys, and the knowledge that we play a small part in moving the world in a direction that creates value for everyone is a powerful motivator. It drives us to perform our roles to the best of our abilities.

What is your favourite book? Why?

I’m an avid reader with a wide range of favourites. One standout is ‘The Snowball’, a biography of Warren Buffett, gifted by my wife. I also appreciate the works of Saurabh Mukherjea, a former colleague who simplifies investing in books like ‘Coffee Can Investing’, ‘The Unusual Billionaires’, and ‘Gurus of Chaos’. His emphasis on corporate governance is particularly insightful. ‘In an Uncertain World’ by ex-US Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin is another favourite, offering insights into policy-making. For investing beginners, I’d recommend ‘The Market Masters’ and ‘Value Investing with Masters’ by Kirk Kazanjian, and ‘Super Analysts’ by Andrew Leeming, which provide valuable insights into leading investors’ philosophies.