Have you ever wondered who makes up the team behind BlueOrchard? This week, we had the opportunity to talk to Federica Gasparini, People & Development Manager since July 2019. As part of our #BOFaces series, we had the pleasure of learning more about Federica’s interests, hobbies, and passion for impact investing.

Why did you join BlueOrchard?

There must be something about human nature which makes us feel fulfilled when we care for others and when we can contribute to empowering other human beings. BlueOrchard gives people the power to realize their full potential by working directly with people in their communities. That is the cause I wanted to marry.

What do you like most about BlueOrchard?

I especially like the people and the chance that I’m given every day to work with colleagues from different cultures and to get inspired by their different backgrounds and experiences.

What motivates you?

I find motivation in helping others and in the possibility of making things good, eventually better or just different if needed.

What is your passion besides BlueOrchard?

I am passionate about my family and raising my three children.

What do you most like to do to unwind?

Sport. I like to stay active to relax my mind.

What do you like most about working in the impact investing industry?

Impact investing is one of the most fascinating businesses a company can run. It’s not only about returns, it’s also about people. I like thinking that when I work every day, I am making my small contributions towards a better world.

What is the biggest global challenge in your view?

I believe inequality of any sort (i.e. racial, gender, social, etc.) is the biggest challenge globally. Broadly thinking, we should all learn to respect every human being. Any other objective which we pursue holds little importance if we don’t succeed in respecting our fellow.

What is the most valuable advice you can give to people interested in impact investing?

Be persistent and passionate. The industry is growing, opportunities are raising. If you are interested in the industry but did not manage to work in it yet, keep trying and the chance will come. Once you are in, be faithful to the mission.

 Thank you, Federica!