Have you ever wondered who are the people behind BlueOrchard? As part of our #BOFaces series, we are happy to introduce Ebony Satti, our Head of Investor Relations, who joined BlueOrchard over five years ago in our Zurich office. We have interviewed Ebony to better understand what drives her and why she enjoys working in the impact investing industry.

Ebony, what do you like most about working in the impact investing industry?

I am a purpose driven person and BlueOrchard’s mission is aligned with my values. Furthermore, I was fortunate to grow up in a safe environment with a plethora of opportunities. Unfortunately, millions of people do not have access to these possibilities. One way I aim to make a difference in this world is by working in impact investing.

What is the most memorable experience you have made during your time at BlueOrchard?

It is difficult to pick only one experience. The past years have been an incredible journey. I would say being able to witness and contribute to the growth of the company first hand and meeting amazing personalities not only gave me the possibility to learn a lot on a professional level but also grow as a person.

What do you enjoy most about working at BlueOrchard?

Expectations are high. However, personal growth only comes when you step out of your comfort zone. BlueOrchard definitely motivates you to deliver excellence in everything you do. Personally, I enjoy working in a challenging environment. This combined with like-minded colleagues who are driven by BlueOrchard’s mission made it the perfect fit for me.

How do you make an impact in your private life?

One recent example is that I met a very young man who survived fleeing his home country and made the journey here through the Mediterranean Sea. His story is heart-breaking. Despite his struggle, he remained positive and was able to start building a new life here. I will do my best to support him on his future path.

What motivates you?

Meeting and being able to support inspiring individuals, such as the person mentioned above. Personal success does not mean anything to me if I cannot share it with others.


Thanks a lot for sharing, Ebony!