This week, we had the pleasure of speaking with Anna Dighmelashvili, Operations Officer, based in our Tbilisi office in Georgia.

  • Anna, why did you join BlueOrchard?

Three years ago I decided, that it was time for a change and I wanted to be the part of the company, where I create value and feel valued.
There were three main reasons, that persuaded me to start my journey with BlueOrchard:

BlueOrchard’s mission is to face and overcome the world’s most important challenges. BlueOrchard’s vision is to be innovative in empowering people and protecting our planet. The people in our team display great spirit, and even from a distance, it’s evident that the company values its employees and the team is very dedicated.

  • What is the biggest global challenge in your view?

From my perspective, education and learning represent one of the most significant global challenges. In developing countries, people continue to struggle to acquire appropriate knowledge and unlock the door to endless possibilities. However, I take immense pride in being part of a team that creates opportunities for these individuals. Our work makes a tangible impact and changes lives, something that fills me with a sense of purpose and achievement.

  • What do you most like to do to unwind?

In my free time, I find joy in playing with my dog, Rexy, and connecting with friends to share stories and create memories. Reading books and traveling are also activities that I find enriching, as they allow me to explore different perspectives and cultures. Additionally, I have a strong curiosity for discovering new things and embracing new experiences.