• Andbank is a privately owned, global financial group with headquarters in Andorra and broad presences in Spain and Latin America. With its activities on two continents throughout more than 80 years of history Andbank has fostered a corporate spirit of solidarity, involved in various social causes.

    The new and innovative feature of the “Andbank Microfinance Fund” allows that 80% of the dividend is donated to charity and the remaining 20% is paid out to the investors, taking advantage of a solid 15 years track record with average returns of over 4% per anno.

    With this new feature the “Andbank Microfinance Fund” goes even further in having a positive impact and acts in line with the company’s commitment.

    The Andbank Microfinance Fund is technically within the umbrella structure of the BlueOrchard Microfinance Fund (BOMF), and will be launched in a segregated share class made available in EUR and USD.

    Gerard Alba, CEO of Andbank Asset Management: “We are very proud to have built a new, innovative product hand in hand with the world leader BlueOrchard. This product will be of highest interest to our existing as well as new investors around the globe.”

    Peter Fanconi, CEO and Member of the Board of BlueOrchard: “The Andbank Microfinance Fund combines the strength of our impact investing fund together with philanthropy; this is the first step into perpetual philanthropy. Andbank is a perfect partner for such product.”


    For further information, please contact:
    Ines Mergny
    +41 44 441 55 50