Blending 4AG – Innovating Agricultural Finance

Past Event
08/11/2016 — 08/10/2016 Brussels, Belgium Events



WG 6: Risk management and other support structures for blending4agriculture: what is available, what has to be further developed?

Weather insurance for farmers is one of the financing solutions that the international community has recognised it should help develop further. But the current scarcity of such insurance is not the only weakness in support structures for blending4ag. It can also be difficult to find organisations that, within the framework of a blending4ag solution, can work with farmers to improve their productivity and revenues.

Furthermore, many financiers need to be able to justify their acceptance of a lower-than-normal return on their investment/loan by demonstrating that it had a discernible development impact; but who will check this? One impact investment fund, AATIF, works with ILO to foster positive social and environmental impacts of agricultural investments – can such collaboration be a model for others that want to ensure lower financial returns are compensated by sound societal returns? This session will highlight the importance of such support structures, and what can be done to strengthen them.

Introductory presentation by Mark Rüegg, Founder and CEO, CelsiusPro, on the evolution and current state of the market for weather risk management.

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