This is My Story – César Julio Salirosas Pacheco

03/02/2021 Blog, Latin America

2021 is a very special year for BlueOrchard as we celebrate our 20th anniversary. Throughout 2021 we will be sharing with you some of the encouraging entrepreneurial stories, personal dreams, and insights into the lives of families around the globe who are struggling and fighting against adversity every single day. Our first story is about César Julio Salirosas Pacheco.

César Julio Salirosas Pacheco owns the Salirosas Farm in Piura, Peru. He has dedicated the last 14 years of his life to agriculture and currently grows avocados, mangos, and lemons, which are then sold and distributed across the region. From the San Lorenzo Valley in the district of Tambogrande, an ecological place known for its agriculture, César shared more about his business and how microfinance has helped him to expand his activities and support his family.

César, why did you decide to start this business?
When I moved to Piura, I found some empty and abandoned land with a few mango trees. It was then that I decided to buy the land and start developing it. I moved from my native land of La Libertad and started from scratch. Here, there is water and land available to work, and while it might not be for everyone, it worked for me, so I kept going. With enough resources available, I decided to start a business and build a future. Now, my whole family is involved in agriculture.

How have the loans from your local microfinance institution helped you?
We take out different loans for different products. Mangos are seasonal, so we borrow separately for them. Meanwhile, we have a different monthly loan for lemons and take out a separate loan to cover any additional requirements over the course of the year. Mangos take five months from flowering until harvest, while avocados take eight months. So, we harvest mangos first and cover that loan. Two or three months go by and we can then harvest avocados.

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