#This is my story

31/10/2019 Blog, News

My name is Absator Alimov. I am 48 years old and live with my beloved family in the countryside of Vakhsh in the district of Tajikistan. As my ancestors were before me, I am also engaged in agriculture, namely crop production, animal farming and beekeeping. These are the main sources of income for my family. I have a lot of experience in my work and it has long been my dream to expand my activities. However, the lack of financial backing has made it impossible for me to realise my goals.

Starting in 2015, I had the opportunity to work with MDO Humo. With the first loan I was granted I increased the number of livestock, two years later, with my second loan I developed my beekeeping business. By expanding from 21 to 38 families of bees, I was able to increase my honey production from 10kg to 15kg. Everything I sell comes from my own production, selling both wholesale and directly to my customers.

Only through the support of Humo have I been able to improve my activities and increase my family’s income significantly. I am especially proud to say that, thanks to the additional profits I recently hosted my son’s wedding and was able to renovate our family home.

I am very happy and grateful to Humo for the support!