BlueOrchard SDG Impact Bond Fund

A fully liquid SDGs impact fund, providing scalable access to investments in emerging markets

Investment objective

The BlueOrchard UCITS Emerging Markets SDG Impact Bond Fund is a scalable and liquid impact investing strategy, offering investors unique access to a portfolio of bonds and loans of emerging market development banks, financials and microfinance institutions.

Why invest

  • UCITS compliant impact bond fund with weekly liquidity
  • Well diversified portfolio across emerging and frontier markets and issuers
  • Short to moderate interest rate duration and hedged local-currency exposure
  • Significant funding needed to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Investing with a manager with a 20 years track record in emerging markets

Suitable for

  • Investors seeking to invest in fixed income emerging market strategies which combine high positive impact and competitive financial returns
  • Investors requiring liquidity and UCITS compliant funds

Investment strategy

The Fund aims to contribute to the funding needs of the UN SDGs by investing in emerging market impact bonds. The Fund will mainly purchase bonds/securities issued by emerging market financial institutions with a proven track-record in impact investing, offering an attractive premium and diversification benefits to developed fixed income markets. BlueOrchard’s network with leading development banks and microfinance institutions grants access to unparalleled investment opportunities.

Social impact

The Fund aims to provide investors with a liquid product, offering scalable exposure to emerging and frontier markets while focusing on investments that advance the UN SDGs. Among focused impact targets including sustainable infrastructure projects and clean energy initiatives, the Fund will invest in bond issuances of both sovereign development institutions and local financial institutions, with the aim to foster financial inclusion and provide decisive funding to economically vulnerable communities around the world. The Fund’s investments will advance BlueOrchard’s core mission of providing attractive return on investments while expanding access to sustainable finance to create a pathway to better lives for those who need it most.

Impact Focus

Figures as of June 2021, % of bonds targeting

inclusive finance
essential services
basic infrastructure
renewable and energy efficiency
sustainable infrastructure
employment generation

UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
addressed by the Fund

SDG-01 SDG-07 SDG-08 SDG-09 SDG-10

Key Facts

  • Fund Name

    BlueOrchard UCITS Emerging Markets SDG Impact Bond Fund

  • Asset Class


  • Fund Structure

    Luxembourg Société d’Investissement à Capital Variable (SICAV)

  • Fund Domicile


  • Management Company

    BlueOrchard Asset Management (Luxembourg) S.A.

  • Investment Manager

    BlueOrchard Finance Ltd

  • Custodian Bank

    Citibank Europe plc, Luxembourg Branch

  • Inception Date

    16 August 2018

  • Reference Currency


  • UCITS Compliant


  • Hedged

    yes, all but reference currency (USD)

Share-class overview

  • Share class features and distribution matrix

Fund Documents

  • BlueOrchard UCITS prospectus
  • Lump Sum calculation-German tax reporting
  • Monthly report - class P
  • Monthly report - class I
  • SFDR Article 9
  • UKFRS – Investor report 2021
  • European SRI Transparency Code
  • Trade calendar 2022


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