Climate change is the most serious issue facing the world today. No one is exempted as its effects impact people’s lives in every country across the globe. Developing countries are especially affected as the poor and vulnerable, and the indigenous communities are among the first to face the direct consequences of climate change, being highly dependent on the environment and its resources.

Rising greenhouse gas emissions urgently necessitate a shift to carbon neutrality, which require climate finance investments to increase substantially, particularly in developing countries. Yet, according to the OECD, climate finance flatlined in 2019, leaving a USD 20 billion funding gap in 2020. Developed countries keep missing their collective target to deliver financial support and thus strengthen climate mitigation and adaptation in countries where it is needed most.

Affordable and scalable climate solutions must be available and accessible to help cope with extreme weather events and facilitate countries’ creation of cleaner and more resilient economies. The investment community will play a critical role in accelerating the transition toward climate neutrality. Both in terms of directing capital towards areas where positive change is generated and fostering innovative solutions that can help tackle climate change and reduce prevailing inequalities.

With climate change affecting all of us, it is of the utmost importance to include all voices in this conversation. As part of this panel, you will hear from leading climate activists living in regions currently impacted the most, how climate change affects every area of their lives, and what they most urgently require from the international finance community. Further, renowned scientists will explain some of the biggest culprits causing global warming and share their most recent breakthroughs, which can help slow down the impending disaster. Finally, representatives from some of the leading corporations will share insights on how they fight the race to zero and how through cross-sectoral collaboration we can strengthen the thin green line of defence.