Confirmed Speakers

Amit Bouri – Chief Executive and Co-Founder, Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN)

Amit Bouri is the chief executive officer and co-founder of the Global Impact Investing Network, where he leads the largest global community of impact investors dedicated to increasing the scale and effectiveness of impact investing.

Amit co-founded the GIIN in 2009, following the launch of the Monitor Institute’s “Investing for Social and Environmental Impact,” a landmark report which he helped to conceive and develop. His work would eventually lead to the growth of a global network around the concept of impact investing and provide a blueprint that would seed the GIIN’s creation.

Today, Amit dedicates his work to engaging industry leaders, institutional investors, foundations and leading financial institutions all over the world to advocate for greater integration of social and environmental factors in all investment decisions, and to develop the tools and resources needed to effectively mobilize capital towards impact investments.

He has authored many articles and has been frequently featured in leading publications such as the Financial Times, The Economist, Al Jazeera, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Fast Company, Barron’s and Pensions & Investments. He is also a sought-after speaker at events worldwide.

Amit has significant experience in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors and previously held positions at Bain & Company, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, and the corporate philanthropy units of Gap Inc. and Johnson & Johnson. He holds an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, an MPA from Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government and a BA in sociology and anthropology from Swarthmore College.

He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and their daughter, who inspire his life’s work to build a more sustainable and equitable future for all.

Sergio P. Ermotti – Group Chief Executive Officer, UBS

Sergio P. Ermotti has been Group CEO of UBS Group AG and President of the Executive Board of UBS AG since April 2023. He was also the Group CEO from 2011 to 2020. He re-joined UBS from Swiss Re, where he was Chairman of the Board of Directors until April 2023. Prior to joining UBS in 2011, he was at UniCredit Group where from 2007 to 2010 he served as Group Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Head of Corporate & Investment Banking and Private Banking, prior to that he served as Head of the Markets & Investment Banking Division. Between 1987 and 2004, he held various positions at Merrill Lynch & Co. in the areas of equity derivatives and capital markets. He became Co-Head of Global Equity Markets and a member of the Executive Management Committee for Global Markets & Investment Banking in 2001.

Peter Harrison – Group Chief Executive, Schroders

Peter Harrison joined Schroders in March 2013 and became Group Chief Executive in April 2016. Prior to his current role he was Global Head of Investment.

Before joining Schroders, Peter was Chairman and CEO of investment boutique RWC Partners. Peter began his career at Schroders, and later spent time at JP Morgan, and as Group Chief Investment Officer of Deutsche Asset Management.

Peter is a member of the UK Treasury’s Asset Management Taskforce, a member of the Board of Directors of FCLT Global and the Advisory Boards of venture capital firm Antler, Harvard University Impact Board, CityUK, CFA UK, the Investment Association and the International Business and Diplomatic Exchange. He was previously Chair of the Investment Association, sat on the Takeover Panel and the Prime Minister’s Financial and Professional Services’ Business Council. He is widely engaged in improving inclusion and diversity across financial institutions. He has an honorary Doctorate from the University of Bath.

Charly Kleissner – Co-Founder Toniic & KL Felicitas Foundation; full member of the Club of Rome

Charly Kleissner is an influential impact investor and leader of the deep impact movement, advocating for systemic change and promoting conscious investing driven by values and mindfulness. Together with his wife Lisa, he co-founded organizations like KL Felicitas Foundation, which focuses on impact investing, and Toniic, a global network of impact investors. Through Toniic, Charly and Lisa have inspired many in their impact journey, providing guidance and fostering collaboration among impact investors worldwide. They have demonstrated that investing for impact can be financially rewarding while making a positive difference in the world. Charly brings over twenty years of experience as a senior technology executive in Silicon Valley.

Giorgio Pradelli – Chief Executive Officer, EFG International and EFG Bank

Piergiorgio Pradelli was appointed CEO of EFG International and EFG Bank, effective as of 01 January 2018. He is also Chair of EFG International and EFG Bank Executive Committees, as well as of the EFG International Global Business Committee. He further holds several non-executive Board positions in other entities directly or indirectly controlled by EFG International.

Prior to his appointment as CEO, Mr Pradelli held the role of Deputy CEO and CFO at EFG International and EFG Bank since January 2014 and June 2012, respectively. Before joining EFG International, he was Head of International Operations at Eurobank Ergasias SA and a member of the Executive Committee, from 2006 until 2012. Prior to this, he served as Deputy Finance Director in London for EFG Bank European Financial Group SA, from 2003 to 2006, participating in major EFG Bank European Financial Group SA restructuring and strategic initiatives, notably the initial public offering of EFG International in 2005.

Mr Pradelli started his career at Deutsche Bank, working in a number of senior management positions including Head of Private & Business Banking in Italy and Head of Business Development for the Private Clients and Asset Management Group in Frankfurt and London from 1991 until 2003.

Mr Pradelli is a member of the Board of Directors of the Swiss Bankers Association (SBA), of the Association of Swiss Asset and Wealth Management Banks (VAV/ABG) and of the Swiss American Chamber of Commerce in Zurich.

Mr. Pradelli is a Swiss and Italian citizen and was born in 1967. He holds a degree in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Turin, Italy.

Tobias Straumann – Professor of modern and economic history at the University of Zurich

Tobias Straumann is a professor of modern and economic history at the University of Zurich and the academic director of the Master of Advanced Studies in Applied History. His main research interests are financial and monetary history, the history of multinational corporations, and the political economy of Switzerland. In particular, he is interested in the interplay between economic crises, institutions and politics. He also writes a monthly column for the business section of the “NZZ am Sonntag”.

Gelong Thubten – Buddhist monk, author and meditation teacher

Gelong Thubten is a Buddhist monk, author and meditation teacher. He became a monk 30 years ago and his training has included spending more than six years in intensive retreats. He is regarded as one of the UK’s most influential meditation teachers with over two decades of experience in keynote speaking, leading coaching sessions and facilitating workshops. His profound impact has been felt across diverse settings, from blue-chip companies to schools, universities, prisons, and addiction counselling centres. Thubten’s reputation as a sought-after speaker has led him to prestigious platforms, including engagements at the University of Oxford, the United Nations, Hay Literary Festival and WOMAD. As a celebrated author, his books, including A Monk’s Guide to Happiness: Meditation in the 21st Century (a Sunday Times bestseller) and Handbook for Hard Times: A Monk’s Guide to Fearless Living, offer invaluable insights into cultivating happiness and resilience, by reframing life’s challenges as opportunities for growth. He is the Director of several Buddhist centres and a Trustee of ROKPA International, a humanitarian aidorganisation. Thubten’s approach to teaching mindfulness is non-religious, allowing all audiences to benefit from his insights.

Andreas Vollenweider – Grammy winner; Composer, musician and author

For over four decades, Andreas Vollenweider has earned recognition as one of the most pioneering figures in the realm of music. In a field where fundamentally new creations are a rarity, he has crafted a distinctive sonic world that remains unparalleled to this day and has given rise to an entire movement within this new musical genre.

The New York Times wrote about Vollenweider’s music: “Vollenweider’s music is like the folk music of a mythical tribe from an unknown land on a continent yet to be discovered.”

Several of Vollenweider’s albums have simultaneously been number one on multiple Billboard charts for many weeks. Through Vollenweider’s worldwide success, the music industry recognised the potential of instrumental music. Hundreds of radio stations were launched worldwide, focussing on this new style.

Decades of sold-out international concert tours have seen the Grammy-Winner Vollenweider perform in the world’s most prestigious auditoriums, such as New York’s Carnegie Hall and Radio City Music Hall, the Palladium in London, as well as the NHK in Tokyo, to name but a few. More than 20 million albums have been sold, and today’s streaming rates are also in the double-digit millions.

For Vollenweider, however, the foundation and motivation for his creativity has always been his view of the potential of humankind and nature, which is reflected in his socio-humanistic, philanthropic and ecological commitments. He is a board member and activist of the Swiss charity ROKPA. The particular impact of his music is also reflected by the fact that most of the feedback was and is from individuals and communities in severe crises. Already in the early 1980s, during the South African apartheid regime, his songs became anthems of hope for liberation among the black population, then with Mandela and the change, they were seen as anthems of success and today, in the current crisis, they once again stand for the hope that this success story may be repeated.

Andreas Vollenweider is a composer, musician, author, husband, father of three and grandfather of two. He was born in 1953 in Zurich, Switzerland.

Lucy Wilfred – Principal Kingdom Primary School

Lucy Wilfred, along with her husband Wilfried, established the Kingdom Pre-and Primary School in 2013. Located in Arusha, Tanzania, the school has grown significantly and now caters to over 300 students aged between 3 and 12. Since July 2017, Lucy has been collaborating with a microfinance institution to further develop the school.

Before embarking on this venture, Lucy worked as a teacher at another educational institution. The motivation to establish a private school stemmed from her aspiration to enhance the quality of education accessible in Arusha, Tanzania.